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Magnus / Mingus

Magnus, Two in One airplane, Mingus with Vne = 298 km/h / 161 kt



Maxus motorglider is of "two seat Carat", with best glide ratio of 42 : 1


Carat A

Carat A - Freedom in the air...
Soaring and cruising


LS4 and LS6 series

AMS Flight, certified LS4 and LS6 series composite parts manufacturer

AMS Flight

AMS Flight is a worldwide operating and EASA authority certified composite aircraft Manufacturer and Design organization with Aircraft, Service and Development departments.

The roots of AMS Flight factory reach back to the year 1978 and since that time Elan Flight and AMS Flight already manufactured over 1,100 composite sailplanes and aircraft.

The company’s manufacturing facilities were, as from the early beginning, located at Begunje (inside the Elan plant), in the northwest part of European Union, state of Slovenia. In the year 2010 AMS Flight reorganized and it changed the Begunje facility location. Office was opened on the local sport airfield Lesce-Bled, production facility in the Zapuze industrial park and partner companies were contracted to co-operate by AMS Flight programs.

Carat A of AMS Flight was designed and certified in Germany for economical long range cruising flights and for impressive standard class glider soaring level, as “two in one”.

AMS Flight most recent project is the new aviation standard and philosophy of Magnus aircraft family.


Special offer

Our Special Offer
Wingtip skids, Flügelsporn
Aerodynamic wingtip skids, originally of Schneider LS type gliders (LS4, LS6, LS3, LS8) are made of two component very durable polymer PUR.


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