Carat Fly In, USA Carat Group

2008 annual Carat Fans & Harris ranch flying and meeting

The new dates for the Carat / Harris Ranch Fly In, will be Saturday May 17th, and Sunday May 18th.

Calling phone number 1-800-942-2333 will settle in at the Ranch around May 14, to spend a couple of days with the Avenal contest boys. The Avenal contest has been reset from May 14th through the 18th, with the 14th being the practice day. Good opportunity for a little competition flying between the soaring boys.

Meetings are planned, the large swimming pool is there. Topics covered are seminars on the Carat, assembly & disassembly, engine systems, propeller system, landing gear system, XC sailplane flying with the Carat and to share other Carat flying and techniques experiences.

One night is planned for the formal steak dinner and to have a wonderful time by all. At the Carat Fly In, at the Harris Ranch, awarding prizes and gifts to the Carat pilots are already known from the past.

Comments from the previous Carat Fly Ins: A wonderful time was had by all., Just back from the Harris Ranch, Carat Fly In. Its was all good!!! :-), Had a chance to soar with the boys at the Avenal contest, just down the road from the Harris Ranch. , As every year the companionship and shared info are worth.

All are welcome to attend the Carat / Harris Ranch Fly In, so mount up and ride on over. Come on by, check out the Carats, eat a big Harris Ranch steak, and try your luck. For more info contact Oliver Dyer-Bennet. AMS factory support is with the Oliver.

Photos hereby are from the past Carat / Harris Ranch Fly Ins.

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