Maxus motorglider

Maxus is the model of the Magnus family, a unique highest performances touring motorglider with the mean of “two seat – side by side Carat A model”, providing its owner with not only excellent cruise capability but especially with the high performance joy of soaring.

Magnus series are a two seat, side-by-side advanced light-weight airplane family. Because they are equipped with high-tech features such as flaperons, wing upper side effective airbrakes and a ground adjustable, forward folding or variable-pitch propeller the Magnus airplanes can excel at every task pilots put it to. Magnus family exploitation and handling costs are low due to the simple design solutions and high aerodynamic performances. Advanced design engineering concepts, gliders designs advantages, excellent aerodynamics and unique safety features make it the performance future orientated choice of touring motorglider and contests glider.

Mingus will follow immediately after Magnus came in to the serial production. Maxus is to be the third model of the family with the first flight planed for the year 2011.

Maxus is the complete new modern airplane multi model, stemming from Magnus family basic design. Maxus is a long aspect ratio 17 m + / 55,8 ft + span wing motorglider forecasted for the retractable gear. Maxus wing candidates are custom design, LS6-18w modified or LS4-b modified, glider type wing with winglets included. Wing to be of two part design for easier hangar parking and trailer storing.

Maxus have the best glide ratio of the Magnus models family with calculated glide ratio of 42 : 1. Wing including it’s span will be chosen with the target to achieve standard class gliders glide ratio. Carat idea and its unique systems to be transferred in to this of the Maxus two seat motorglider model!

It will be LSA / ELSA, maybe also ULA and potentially in second step also EASA CS22 (JAR 22) certified touring motorglider. Engine to be of approx. of 70 HP and air cooled. Engine candidates are Wolf Hirth, Jabiru, Limbach, Sauer, UL Power and HKS. Propeller is to be composite forward folding similar like to the Carat, …:

  • tail-dragger landing gear configuration with retractable main wheels
  • ready to fly and complete equipped with engine control and monitoring instrumentation
  • carbon and aramid fiber build fuselage and wings
  • installation prepared for the ballistic airplane rescue system
  • best L/D 42 : 1
  • all surfaces in white Acryl / PU weather and UV resistant paint with gliders quality hand work finish
  • EXTRAS available: removable winglets, BRS installed, solar batteries charging cells, ….  
  • low empty weight construction of simple and reliable engineering details using materials as carbon fabric, Aramid honeycomb and Titan as well

The Maxus basic configuration is an excellent package, which will satisfy many of pilot desires. It comes with a high level of standard equipped, and a long list of options.

Maxus cabin

The large Magnus series (cabin width max. 1255 mm / 49.4 in) and ergonomically designed cockpit provides excellent visibility and seating comfort comes from the shaped seats with built in headrests. Crew comfort is provided by careful ergonomic design and the generous dimensions of the cockpit, which includes dual controls, adjustable seats, and in flight adjustable rudder pedals. Further travel comfort is provided by convenient map holders, adjustable ventilation and heating and a large luggage compartment behind the seats, with space for an oxygen bottle. The instrument panel is within easy reach of both pilots. Whatever of the gliders type the instrument panel is specious and ready to accept the latest in digital navigation, communication and entertainment devices. Engine monitoring is done by customer choice of a digital multifunctional engine monitoring system or of an advanced analog gauge package. An autopilot can be installed to further customize the Maxus for your type of flying.

Maxus durability and service

A modern aircraft should be built with modern technology. Magnus family aircraft are. Carbon fiber construction offers great advantages in terms of strength, durability, weight-savings, corrosion and fatigue resistance. More than 90% of the airframe is built with the Carbon and Aramid fibers. This makes the airframe virtually maintenance free. The finish is a 2-component Acryl / Polyurethane combined paint that is very durable. The Maxus requires only a minimum of maintenance and service. Carbon fiber and Aramid repairs can be accomplished by many repair shops around the country.

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Special offer

i-panel special
Instrument panel DG-300, DG-303, DG-600, DG-800

The instrument panel is suitable for installation in several models of DG series gliders DG: DG-300, DG-600 and DG-800S (till the serial number 8-88).