LS6 glider project for sale

OFFER for LS6 series glider project with complette glider documentation and with wings, flaperons and rudders production tools

LS6 series glider is undoubtedly still the most known Schneider single-seater high performance sailplane with an excellent wing profile for gliding and competition. The LS6 series wing and its profile were so great that the same wing was used on the LS8 series and on self-launcher LS9 series models.

So far, 375 gliders of the LS6 series models have been manufactured and Rolladen Schneider Flugzeugbau GmbH manufactured 478 of LS8 gliders.

The offer of LS6 series project includes all needed to produce complette gliders or only their parts. The contents are as follows, set of production tools to produce wings, flaperons and rudders, manufacturing drawings, production and quality system applications, design and certification documentation, wing profiles, materials used specifications and many of photos about details of LS gliders production and assembly. The LS6 series fuselage and horizontal tail tools – molds are not part of the project we are selling, as they are same used in the manufacture of LS8 glider.

The LS6-18w molds we offer, are usable also for LS8 wing repairs needs, which means that LS8-18m wing surface segments can be produced because the wing shape is the same.

All necessary plans / drawings for the manufacture and assembly of the LS6-18w are scanned and thus they are in pdf formats. The design and certification documentation for the LS6 series is also scanned in pdf format.

The tools set LS6 series contains tools – molds for: wings, 15 m and 18 m winglets, flaperons, rudders for fuselage, with their many inner structural and assembly parts tools and jigs. The production tools are well preserved and suitable for immediate production, of course after initial preparation and inspection. Their storage was in a dry space. The separate 18 m winglets tools are to be used for TM sets to modify LS6-c model with 17.5 m span to LS6-c18 with 18 m span.

Thus, it is also possible to re-certify this type of LS6-18w glider, under its own name, at the competent aviation authority. The LS6-18w was designed and certified by Rolladen Schneider Flugzeugbau GmbH, Germany, and then the project was purchased by AMS, Slovenia. The LS6-18w has been certified by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt in Germany and EASA Köln in accordance with JAR22 and EASA Part 22. For the already built and flying LS6 series gliders, the type certificate of the LS6 series has been transferred to DG Flugzeugbau GmbH, Germany, for practical reasons of joint – one LS glider after-sales support post in this organizational section. And AMS owns the LS6 series project.

We will send additional info and photos of the tools as needed at your request.

LS6 project value is placed at 42.000 €.

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Leaflet LS6-18w.pdf


LS6-18w 3-view.pdf


Leaflet LS8.pdf


Leaflet LS9.pdf


List of the LS glider models built.pdf