Magnus is the planned name for the touring motorglider model, wing span 13.352 m / 43.8 ft, glide ratio 3 to 1, with removeble wing ends to allow easier hangar parking.

Mingus is the planned name for the faster family model, wing span 10.607 m / 34.8 ft. The basic certification standard is LSA of USA, and eventually the VLA and CS 22 standardization. A lighter European ULA Magnus model would have a smaller and lighter engine. Magnus and Mingus will be powered by Rotax engines.

All of our professional production tools are of the highest quality, including 3D CNC milling machines. Consequently, Magnus and Mingus airframe composite parts are manufactured with high temperature curing, allowing these parts to maintain their strength even under high temperature conditions.

Maxus is the planned name for the third family model that will follow after Magnus and Mingus. Wing span of 17.007 m / 55.8 ft.

Magnus motorglider project is open for collaboration and new investors, if interested do not hesitate to contact us.